About Us

Crystal View, Inc is a small business located in central Pennsylvania. We deliver bulk windshield washer fluid and methanol racing fuel to Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. 

HRFuel Facebook Page

We created a new Facebook page for our Heishman Racing Fuel. You can also learn more about our racing fuel by clicking on the racing fuel menu at the top of this page.

Our story

Crystal View is a family owned business that has been delivering quality bulk windshield washer fluid and methanol racing fuel for over a decade. 


We have regular routes to ensure you never run out of windshield washer fluid or methanol.


Our blends of windshield washer fluid are guaranteed not to freeze and are of the best quality. Our bulk methanol is pure and untouched. It is ready to be used as racing fuel, geo thermal heating or for waste water treatment plants.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


Questions and Availability

(717) 226-1814